San Nicolas moves to end cigarette smuggling on Guam

October 14, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Michael San Nicolas has introduced H.R. 4635 which seeks to assert federal authority over cigarette smuggling on Guam.

H.R. 4635 amends Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal Code to include Guam under federal jurisdiction for cigarette enforcement.

San Nicolas said he introduced the bill after over a year without the implementation of local law mandating cigarette tax stamps.


In the 34th Guam Legislature, it was uncovered that up to 98 million cigarettes were unaccounted for in local tax rolls, resulting in $14.6 million in uncollected cigarette tax revenues.

“As a Guam Senator I passed local law mandating tax stamps to end apparent tax evasion and cigarette smuggling on Guam; however this local law remains unenforced, and the people of Guam do not deserve to be shortchanged by a failure to enforce local law,” San Nicolas said in a release.

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