Puerto Rico Governor Endorses SSI to Guam

November 1, 2019
Press Release
Supplemental Security Income

For the second time in 10 months Congressman San Nicolas has secured Puerto Rico's official support for SSI for Guam from a second Puerto Rico Governor.

Governor Wanda Vázquez-Garced took office on August 7, 2019 as the Governor of Puerto Rico with the resignation of former Governor Rosselló.

"It is an incredible honor for the new Governor of Puerto Rico to make our mutual support a priority of hers at the onset of her tenure as Governor," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "With so many pressing priorities it takes exceptional grace for her to dedicate the time and effort in this diplomacy," Congressman San Nicolas added.

In a September 12 meeting with Congressman San Nicolas in his Washington D.C. office, Governor Vàzquez-Garced and Congressman San Nicolas affirmed their mutual support for resolving Medicaid funding issues, the impending cockfighting ban, and the need for assistance in getting certain programmed funds due to Puerto Rico. Congressman San Nicolas in turn further sought the Governors endorsement of and official Puerto Rico support for HR 208 to authorize SSI for Guam.

"The official support from Puerto Rico is critical for us to move HR 208 forward, as the Puerto Rican constituency is quite large in multiple Congressional Districts in various States," said Congressman San Nicolas. "With this official endorsement of support, we can continue making the case to Members of Congress that we have the green light from Puerto Rico to move Guam SSI forward even though it does not include Puerto Rico at this time," explained Congressman San Nicolas. "The work continues to secure additional necessary endorsements to put weight and traction on HR 208," Congressman San Nicolas added.

The official endorsement was presented in a formal meeting at the Puerto Rico Capitol La Fortaleza in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"The Governor also graciously surprised us with a shadowbox portrait of La Fortaleza as a gift for the people of Guam, symbolizing the strength and commitment of our relationship...it was heartwarming and refreshing," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.