Freedom Of Information Request To Guam Rev &Tax

April 21, 2020
Press Release

Congressman San Nicolas transmits Freedom of Information (FOIA) request to Rev and Tax on stimulus processing


At close of business on April 22, 2020, Congressman San Nicolas transmitted a FOIA to the Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT) seeking operational clarity on processing Economic Impact Payments (EIP)


"We have heard from many constituents that their calls to Rev and Tax indicate that they are not currently being processed," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "Federal law is clear: 2019 is the filing year to be considered, with 2018 as an alternate year, to stop-gap any missing 2019 filings," Congressman San Nicolas continued. "Processing 2018 filings and sidelining 2019 filings is not only contrary to the order established federally, it risks underfunding and excluding taxpayers who's more recent 2019 filings may have impacted eligibility," Congressman San Nicolas added.


In a letter to Treasury Secretrary Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Rettig earlier this month, Congressman San Nicolas expressed concern about this practice and its circumvention of federal law.


"We need to move swiftly and we need to do it right," added Congressman San Nicolas. "Local misapplication of the law not only affects our credibility and risk litigation, it also delays processing for everyone by having to redo things over and over," Congressman San Nicolas continued. "This FOIA will help settle chatter of how things are being handled, and I hope that what we uncover is consistent with federal statute," Congressman San Nicolas concludes. 

PDF iconMSN Ltr DOA FOIA 04202020.pdf.pdf

PDF iconMSN Ltr DRT FOIA 04202020.pdf.pdf