FEMA Federal Medical Reinforcements En Route

April 8, 2020
Press Release

FEMA federal medical reinforcements en route


FEMA via Health and Human Services (HHS) is deploying two "strike teams" to Guam comprising of up to 12 doctors and nurses each, to assist with treating COVID-19.


Additionally two 50-bed stations are deployed to Guam to increase bed capacity.


The National Stockpile has programmed over 18,000 N95 masks, over 43,000 surgical masks, over 7,000 gloves, over 1,000 gowns, and over 1,000 face shields.


"Once again FEMA gallantly comes to the rescue of our island during times of crisis, and we the people of Guam are extremely grateful for the added manpower and resources to reinforce the heroic efforts of our medical front lines," said Congressman San Nicolas.