Disaster Averted; Congressman San Nicolas Blocks Amendment to Kill Guam Tourism

July 29, 2020
Press Release

As part of the appropriations  Bill for Homeland Security being considered by the House of Representatives, Congressman Tiffany of Wisconsin attempted to move an amendment to defund Visa Waivers for Guam and the CNMI.

"The Tiffany Amendment would have cut off funding for the Guam and CNMI Visa Waiver Programs, effectively cutting off our tourism markets," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "Without the funding visitors especially from our Korea, Japan, and Taiwan markets would have had much greater difficulty traveling to Guam, reducing our visitor volumes indefinitely and permanizing the current economic destruction we are enduring," Congress San Nicolas continued. "Recovery would have been impossible," Congressman San Nicolas added.

In order for the amendment to be considered, it needed to clear the Committee on Rules, where Congressman San Nicolas successfully objected and killed the amendment.

"We made a clear case that funding the Visa Waivers for Guam and the CNMI was non-negotiable, as they are a critical lifeline to maintaining our primary industry in our economy, and equally critical to our recovery from the economic damage of COVID-19," said Congressman San Nicolas. "I would like to thank our colleagues for recognizing the serious consequences of the amendment, and for their support to protect the ability for Guam's economy to recover," Congressman San Nicolas continued. "We continue the work in the Congress to ensure that not only is Guam included in positive federal policy, but also protected from detrimental actions that would harm our community," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.


Amendment to Division E of Rules Committee Print 116-60 Offered by Mr. Tiffany of Wisconsin.jpg