Congressman Urges Legislature to Support Essential Workers, Rental Expenses, and Unemployed Workers

August 19, 2020
Press Release

As the Guam Legislature deliberates the FY 2021 budget, seeks answers on CARES Act encumbrances, and weighs the use of remaining CARES Act resources, Congressman San Nicolas reminds them that funds are available for essential workers and rental assistance, and also offers guidance on how to pursue the unemployment funds available in the President's Executive Order.

"We wrote the local government last month advising them of state programs that would allow for essential workers to be paid and rental assistance to be provided using CARES Act funding," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "We wish to ensure the Legislature is so informed, and further inform them that the unemployment funds made available by the President can be pursued if managed strategically," Congressman San Nicolas added.

With the expiration of additional $600 in unemployment, the expiration of eviction moratoriums, and the return of PCOR1, the livelihood of the people is put under further strain.

"We need to move away from the idea that it is wrong for us to be advising each other on how to help the people and instead welcome all options and evaluate them on their merits, as this is the only way we can put into motion the best way to help the most people," Congressman San Nicolas added. "We will continue to press for additional relief federally, but we also have an obligation to speak up to ensure that existing relief options are being exhausted with the millions in remaining resources available, and I hope our local goverment deploys them soon," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

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Letter on Rental Relief and Essential Pay (1)

Letter on Rental Relief and Essential Pay (2)